Edge of Darkness (1943)

Directed by Lewis Milestone. Oh my God – this movie opens with German forces landing at a remote Norwegian fishing village and finding the entire town & all of the German soldiers who had been occupying it slaughtered. What a gruesomely disturbing way to begin a movie! Soon, we are in a flashback, and the German officer […]

Bureau of Missing Persons (1933)

Directed by Roy Del Ruth. Butch Saunders (Pat O’Brien) is transferred to the Bureau of Missing Persons after causing too much trouble on the Robbery Detail. He has more arrests than anyone else – but he usually uses unnecessary force to accomplish this, & doesn’t think things through very well. Thus – Captain Webb (Lewis Stone) […]

The Red Mill (1927)

Directed by Fatty Arbuckle (under the name William Goodrich, post-scandal). Adapted by Frances Marion. Tina (Marion Davies), a Dutch barmaid, works at a tavern called the Red Mill. She has a pet mouse named Ignatz, who lives in her shoe. “You’re my only friend, Ignatz…don’t ever get married and leave me,” Tina tells him. (Friends, […]

Midnight Mary (1933)

Directed by William Wellman, story written by Anita Loos (screenplay by Kathryn Scola & Gene Markey), and gowns by Adrian. Love the opening shot of this film. “MARY MARTIN…HAS KILLED A MAN!” says a growly man’s voice, very emphatically – as we’re shown a super-zoomed-in image of the same man’s fist, pounding a surface to […]

The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

I’m not a big (or even a little) Steve McQueen fan, so I generally avoid movies involving him – but the cast of this film also includes Edward G. Robinson and Joan Blondell, which, in the context of 1965, I find interesting – so – here we are. The credits also tell me Cab Calloway […]

Rafter Romance (1933)

Directed by William Seiter (whose credits also include, among many others, THE RICHEST GIRL IN THE WORLD (1934), ROOM SERVICE (1938), and YOU WERE NEVER LOVELIER (1942)). Music by Max Steiner. The Eckbaums (played by George Sidney & Ferike Boros) own an apartment building & seem to be very generous when it comes to some of […]

Petticoat Fever (1936)

Directed by George Fitzmaurice. Robert Montgomery plays a wireless operator stationed in a ridiculously remote spot in Labrador called Eskimo Point. Boats come once every 6 months, and the nearest substantial village is 1000 miles away. In other words: RoMo is very, very bored. By RoMo’s estimation, he hasn’t seen a woman in 5 months, […]