Dear Heart (1964)

  • Henry Mancini music AND a shot of a train to open the movie? I am in heaven.
  • Note to self: “Welcome to New York. Signed, Bimbo Jones.”
  • Evie Jackson (Geraldine Page) brings her own lightbulbs to hotels! “40 watts? Tsk!”
  • She also continually says things to people like: “You look as though you’d be named Donald,” and “You sound as though you’d be named Virginia.” This is kind of funny, but also kind of weird.
  • You know what else is weird? This “son” of Harry (Glenn Ford)’s, Patrick. Patrick (Michael Anderson Jr.) is a weirdo and is creepy and I definitely don’t like him.
  • “If a woman likes a man, she doesn’t want to give him hell.” — Evie Jackson
  • If I met a male version of Evie, he would annoy the shit out of me. No way – no possible way – I’d fall for him. Just want to put that out there.
  • The character of Phyllis arrives so late in the film…and yet Angela Lansbury plays her so completely in line with how I envisioned her, it seems like she’s been there the whole time. Angela Lansbury is amazing.
  • Highlight: The scene towards the end of the movie in Evie’s hotel room, when she and Harry are both staring out the window, and Harry fumbles for her hand. Super sweet moment (and scene). Only part of the movie that made me tear up a little.
  • (Did you know that Glenn Ford is the son of a Canadian railroad executive? Because I sure didn’t!)
  • Cute movie, unique characters, but also kind of boring. Also, the “Dear Heart” song sucks ass compared to “Moon River.”

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