The Young in Heart (1938)

  • The opening scroll about “The Riviera!” made no sense – I didn’t understand any of it. I think they were trying to use too many fancy words. What a shame.
  • Billie Burke and Roland Young are fantastic together. Whoever thought of this pairing was genius.
  • Likewise, the pairing of Roland Young and DF2 (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) as a father/son combo is phenomenal. The scene where they observe the construction site? Played perfectly, in tandem.
  • The number of movies that include a main character having an ongoing friendship/obsession with zoo animals (or rather, a particular zoo animal) perplexes me. In HOLIDAY AFFAIR (1949), Robert Mitchum hangs out with the seals. In CONSOLATION MARRIAGE (1931), Irene Dunne and Pat O’Brien have deeply emotional ties to a family of fish. In this movie, DF2 has on ongoing “thing” with a penguin named Oscar. I find all of this very weird.
  • “But I’ve learned some things in my loneliness – perhaps because of it. I’ve learned not to judge people. I’ve learned to take them as find them – not as others find them. And most of all, I’ve learned to give complete and unquestioning faith to the people I love.” — Miss Ellen Fortune (Minnie Dupree)
  • This is a charming (that word makes it seem more light & pointless than it actually is) movie with exquisite casting. The one problem I have with it is that there seems to be more romantic chemistry between DF2 and Janet Gaynor (who play brother and sister) than there is between DF2 and Paulette Goddard (who play a couple). I’ve always gotten a sort of cold feeling from Goddard and the characters she plays (with the possible exception of her roles in POT O’ GOLD (1941) and MODERN TIMES (1936)), and when her character was introduced in this, I thought that maybe it was my bias at work…but the scene towards the end of the movie with DF2 and Janet Gaynor talking on the stairs, while Miss Fortune is ill in bed, solidified my opinion on this. The way DF2 looks at Janet Gaynor through the entirety of that scene is way more romantically intense than any of his looks at Goddard over the course of the movie. Woof.
  • For future reference: the dog (with the one large eyebrow) is named Jane.
  • Overall, I loved this movie. A+.

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