Cain and Mabel (1936)

  • I caught the last 15 minutes of this one time, just before I watched TEST PILOT (1938), and recall getting somewhat sucked in. That was before I’d seen any other Marion Davies movies, though, so I didn’t totally understand what I was watching.
  • Marion Davies just shoved Clark Gable out the door & slammed said door in his face. Awesome.
  • Also, though – I’d be pissed if I was trying to sleep and people were tap dancing on the hardwood floor above me. That’s a pretty awful thing to do in a non-ground-floor hotel room.
  • I love Allen Jenkins.
  • People won’t come see a shirtless Clark Gable fight someone? Oh yeah, that seems totally believable. NOT. “What you haven’t got is glamor,” they tell him. HA. Yeah right.
  • Aunt Mimi (Ruth Donnelly): “He’s probably an old man with removable hair and a pocketful of etchings.” Haha!
  • Marion Davies’s tap routine with Goofball the Male Tapper is actually super endearing. Until they stroll past the full carousel (?!) into the wax museum (?!). Then it just gets weird. What the hell kind of people collection is this? The museum includes the following: Abe Lincoln, Cinderella, Nero, Popeye, a “Peace Conference”, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, the Smith Brothers (who appear to be the inventors of the cough drop?), and Voltaire. Uh, yeah. Okay. Sure.
  • What’s wrong with Mabel’s suave costar? Why can’t she fall in love and publicity-marry him? The public loves a damn costar romance!
  • I hope this “pouring surprise pitchers of water on each other” thing continues throughout the movie. What a fun game!
  • Is this new musical set piece supposed to be a cake? Because it looks like one. A fancy cake topped with lots of fancy Cake People.
  • (They’ve now zoomed out, and it appears to be an elaborate bridge, instead. I am disappointed, but I suppose that makes a little more sense.)
  • Would like to know how all of this connects to the carnival/wax museum bit. Or maybe I wouldn’t. Tough call.
  • “I looked at the pork chop, then I looked out the window down at you – and thought, ‘Yep, I’d rather be up here with the pork chop.'” (Or something to that effect.) — Mabel (Marion Davies)

Yep, that sounds about right. Except I’d replace “pork chop” with “cake.”

  • Reilly (Roscoe Karns), you scoundrel! Reporting their marriage plans to the paper? Super mean. I hope he gets hit by a bus.
  • Gable and Davies making out in a library while wearing sunglasses? Unique. Classic. Pretty.
  • Well…cute movie. Not too much substance, though. I feel like if the leads had been played by anyone other than Gable & Davies, it’d have been super, super boring – but the two of them were dynamic enough to add at least a little interest to the story.
  • Does not warrant the 8-star rating on IMdB. (I’m sure Marion Davies fans are responsible for that, though. They are forgiven.)

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