Hide-Out (1934)

  • I love Robert Montgomery.
  • The mob politics in these movies are always so hard to follow! When you mix intended crypticness and fast talking with the rampant use of antiquated phrases and poor sound quality, the story of banditry that results is nearly impossible to fully grasp.
  • So Robert Montgomery’s mob circle runs a laundry service for the night clubs they have a stake in, washing these clubs’ napkins for cheaper price than they can get elsewhere? Interesting.
  • For the record, I wholeheartedly prefer Maureen O’Sullivan to Maureen O’Hara.
  • The scene between RM and Harold Huber (the omni gangster) that occurs when Huber’s character comes to give Lucky (Montgomery) his checkup, after RM has discovered the existence of Pauline (O’Sullivan) is golden.
  • 14-year-old Mickey Rooney is in this. I wonder if he’s annoying yet.
  • Maureen O’Sullivan is adorable in her country lace dresses. For real.
  • Boo hoo hoo! A close-up of baby ducks!
  • Oh my god! The mother (Elizabeth Patterson) just cooked Emma the Rabbit! BabyRooney is so sad! (Apparently they raise the rabbits for the occasional purpose of eating them, though, which Willie – yes, I know, “Don’t call me Willie!” – was perfectly aware of, so that makes this situation a little less horrendous. A little.)
  • Wisdom Nugget: You must always whistle while picking cherries – otherwise you’ll eat all of them.
  • Subtle moment of cuteness: after RM’s and MO’S’s picnic gets rained out and they’re drying out at the cabin, RM sets their clothes by fire, laying them out over the backs of a couple chairs. When he does this, he pauses & drapes the arm of his jacket over MO’S’s dress on the neighboring chair. Nice touch.
  • (This sequence reminds me of a similar drying-out-in-a-cabin scene that happens between Joan Crawford & Robert Montgomery in FORSAKING ALL OTHERS (1934). Whatever, though. Both are cute.)
  • The dinner scene that takes place after the cops arrive on the farm – where they talk about Lucky’s impending jail sentence, but don’t – is expertly written.
  • A lot of RM’s charm to me, I think, comes from his eyes. His eyes always have a gleeful warmth in them, and that is endlessly appealing.
  • You know what, y’all? Honesty is hot as hell. That pantry scene? Beautiful.
  • Loved this movie. The O’Sullivan/Montgomery pairing was an A+. I would definitely watch this again.

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