Hud (1963)

  • Paul Newman in black & white? In Texas? Yes, please.
  • Melvyn (Douglas) is awesome in this movie. As is his mustache.
  • Great exchange:

Lon (Brandon de Wilde): What are you holding against Hud, Grandad?

Homer (Melvyn Douglas): He knows, and you don’t need to.

  • AHHH! I thought Lonnie had a hint of annoyingness in him! It’s you, Boy from Shane! Shane! SHAAAAANE!
  • Paul Newman + Patricia Neal? Uh. Yeah. That’s a thing.
  • Kid From Shane & I just made friends a little. He & Hud are driving alongside a train at night – which is blowing it’s horn – and KFS says, “Boy, I love that sound. Goes right through me.” THEN! He says: “Know what trains always make me think about?” *Pauses.* “I guess I just like ’em, thats all.”


  • Oh, no big deal – Paul Newman’s just carrying a grown man over his shoulders like it’s nothing. Whatevs. (And by that I mean: Dear. God.)
  • Brilliant framing of the scene where Hud invites everyone to come watch him at the rodeo – Melvyn & KFS are at the kitchen table talking about Hud’s loneliness and his relations with women, and the whole time Alma (Patricia Neal) is at the left side of the frame, washing dishes, and we can see her face as they talk. Beautiful & brilliant.
  • Fantastic movie. Really, really fantastic. Phenomenal cast, beautifully shot. All of those expansive, black & white shots of rural Texas? Absolutely gorgeous.

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