Passion Flower (1930)

  • I feel like Lewis Stone (who appears here as Kay Francis’s husband, Antonio Morado) is always playing the gold-dug husband. Seems unfortunate.
  • Zasu Pitts delivers her lines so consistently drably – it’s hilarious. She is the absolute best at this. “The last man in here was an artist. Painted all day long and never paid his rent. He ain’t here anymore. He ain’t anywhere anymore. He’s dead.” The couple (Kay Johnson & Charles Bickford) does not acknowledge her saying this, and goes, “We’ll take the room!” Like I said – hilarious.
  • Dickie Moore in a movie with Kay Francis? I want his name to be Bill!!! (This is, of course, a reference to the great MY BILL (1938). Watch it if you haven’t.)
  • Tony knows what’s up, before the Dan/Dulce affair even starts! You can tell this by the look on his face. What a boss.
  • “If Dan was only free – I’d step out of the way for you.” — Tony

Tony is an upstanding individual, y’all. I like him.

  • “I have to go up the road to see a man about some……cattle.” — Dan (Charles Bickford)

This is going downhill fast, you guys.

  • Zasu Pitts’s character in this movie (Mrs. Harney) is totally the first incarnation of SNL’s Debbie Downer. She’s constantly referencing death for no apparent reason! In just one scene, she reacts to the phone ringing by saying, “Well, somebody’s dead, I guess,” and says that putting on a coat to go out in the cold “won’t do any good” because “9 chances out of 10, you’ll get pneumonia” anyway. HA.
  • This is the perfect antidote to SWEEPINGS (1932) – “Of course, it did seem kinda funny at first, not having a man about the place. They’re kind of handy in the daytime, and they’re sort of entertaining in the evenings. But as far as I’m concerned – I’d just as soon have a good radio.” — Mrs. Harney


  • These pre-code movies are dramatic as hell. It’s pretty awesome.

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