The Richest Girl in the World (1934)

  • Music by Max Steiner. Of course.
  • Opens up with a shot of a boat, not a train. Boo.
  • I love movies that have believably close group dynamics from the start, and the scene around the pool table certainly qualifies this one. Expertly played! I love it.
  • Also love this exchange:

Donald: I tried to be in love with you, Dorothy.

Dorothy: Thanks.

(Ha! So abrupt. Great stuff.)

  • Around 22 minutes, when Dorothy (Miriam Hopkins) storms up to her room from the patio? Amen, Dorothy! Amen.
  • Oh, geez! Joel McCrea is so goddamn adorable!
  • Quote of Note:

“Let’s hope  it’s a blue canoe!” — Dorothy Hunter (regarding the details of a date – specifically, whether or not what she’s wearing will match their boat)

  • Joel McCrea is full-on triple-glassing it in the Adirondacks with Connors’s punch. Atta kid.
  • I’m more than a little disappointed that the movie didn’t include a “I’m the REAL Dorothy Hunter” scene at the end – because yeah, Joel McCrea’s love for Miriam Hopkins is true – but he thinks her name is Sylvia and that she’s some sort of secretary! Why is that a great thing to base a marriage on? (Hint: it’s not.)
  • The “Moses in the dark” scene on the couch between McCrea & Hopkins is excellent.
  • I totally forgot ’til the ending credits that Sylvia was played by Fay Wray! I didn’t recognize her because she wasn’t screaming! Crazy.
  • Overall, pretty cute movie & I’d watch it again – but I feel like it could have been fleshed out a bit more; it all feels a little thin.



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