Meet the Baron (1933)

  • The “The Baron is Coming” song was bizarre, annoying, and lasted way too long. The Three Stooges fishing in a flooded basement? Zasu Pitts singing about cologning the Baron’s pillow? The Statue of Liberty coming to life & joining them all in song? No. Why?
  • When one of a movie’s main characters is named Mr. McGoo, you know it’s destined to be horrible.
  • The movie goes from a radio broadcast with the Fake Baron (Jack Pearl) & Mr. McGoo (Jimmy Durante), to random women singing in a bathroom/shower, to the Three Stooges playing cards. As I suspected, this is one of those movies that has no idea what it wants to be – so instead it just becomes a movie of strung-together ideas for individual scenes.
  • The talents of Edna May Oliver and Zasu Pitts are completely wasted in this. How disappointing.
  • Also, for the record, I don’t think the Three Stooges are funny. I think they’re dumb and their shit gets dumb after roughly, oh, one second.
  • …Cuddle College? What the fuck?
  • “The Baron is a Tramp” signing send-off (complete with weirdly scary-laughing mule) is a good summation of this movie, I think. Maybe people should just make it through this one scene, and then consider the rest of the movie watched.
  • “If I ever tell another lie – may all our children be acrobats!” — The Fake Baron. A great statement of love, if I’ve ever heard of.
  • In conclusion: this is the biggest letdown of a movie featuring two Hildegard Withers(s) that I’ve ever seen.

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