Bonjour Tristesse (1958)

  • I really did not like the opening credits. They reminded me of a preschool craft project.
  • Tangentially related note: I’m starting to watch this movie, and my feet hurt. But then I saw David Niven appear on screen & mentally made the effort to revise that statement into “my foot hurts.” Because “You should never say your feet hurt. ‘My foot’ – singular – ‘hurts’ is an intriguing statement; ‘my feet’ – plural – ‘hurt’ is a rather sordid admission.” — David Niven, in THE MOON IS BLUE (1953).
  • “Wait – let us smell the day,” says Cecile (Jean Seberg). And then she & Niven pause and deeply inhale, actually smelling the day. I like this quite a bit, and will have to remember to try it sometime.
  • Jean Seberg is not the greatest. I find her really annoying, actually. Her acting style (if you can call it that) fit pretty perfectly in BREATHLESS (aka À BOUT DE SOUFFLE) (1960) – but this? Eh. Not so much. The delivery of her lines sounds exactly like that – like she’s delivering lines. It’s awkward, and I don’t like it.
  • “Well, if [Raymond’s money] is all gone, I’m sure there’ll always be a man to take care of me. And you don’t need a diploma for that.” — Cecile

Slap her, Anne! (Anne looks outraged. Well done, Anne.)

  • Oh, hey! Anne (Deborah Kerr) finding out about Elsa (Mylène Demongeot) did not go over well. Looks like someone’s got the hots for Raymond. Predictable, I guess.
  • Anne composes herself fast. Respect.
  • “To live, you must be drunk on something – love, money, success, failure…something.” — Pablo (Walter Chiari)

Brilliant! (As Elsa would say.)

  • Sunglasses + ice cream = the new hangover cure! Must also remember to try this.
  • Kerr & Niven are phenomenal. All of their scenes together (and I don’t mean just in a romantic chemistry sort of way) are played as the masters that they are. I loved the scene in the car right before the drive away from the casino/bar; it was fabulous.
  • Oh, Christ. Is this going to turn into a Stepmother vs. Child movie? Groan. No interest.
  • Though…Anne does have a point with her Don’t Sleep With Philippe speech to Cecile:

“Love doesn’t depend on that sort of thing – nor is it the only way to express it.”

Amen to that, Anne. Amen to that.

  • Cecile has an Anne voodoo doll?! What the fuck?!
  • Now that this is Stepmother vs. Child, my patience for the movie is waning. Which is a shame, because I was semi-enjoying it before.
  • Philippe + Elsa is a pretty demented idea, though, and I kind of like it.
  • Aw, poor Anne. (She just stumbled upon Raymond + Elsa in the woods.) I hope someone gives her a hug soon. She needs it.
  • NOOOOOOOOO! Not Anne!!!!! Noooooooooo!
  • (No wonder their lives suck now.)
  • Rosborne just told us that Jean Luc Goddard loved this movie and cast Jean Seberg in BREATHLESS because of it? Bizarre.

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