The Sheepman (1958)

  • Ha! Opening train shot! Those always makes my days brighter!
  • Looks like the Baby MacLaine/Ford combination could be a good one.
  • I’m sorry, what? There’s a Chinese restaurant in this town? What the hell? Why?
  • Oh dang. He (Glenn Ford)’s done knocked out Jumbo.
  • Baby MacLaine (her character’s name is Dell) is apparently “going to marry the Colonel.” Yeah, I’ll bet.
  • (Oh, plot twist – the Colonel is played by Baby Leslie Nielson. Baby Nielson’s quite the stud. Maybe has a shot, after all!)
  • I like the ruggedness of Glenn Ford’s jacket. I need a man with a jacket like that.
  • Gorgeous landscapes. This is why I wish THE BIG SKY (1952) was in color.
  • This winner of an exchange:

Jason Sweet (Ford): Well, I’m sorry – but from the top of that hill, you looked just like a man.

Dell (MacLaine): Question is – how do I look at the bottom?


  • Baby Nielson is wearing red pants. That’s how you know Dell won’t pick him.
  • (No sensible woman ever fell for a man who wore red pants.)
  • Jason Sweet’s got some unexpectedly badass moves. He also took that shot in the shoulder like a pro. Good for you, Jason Sweet. Good for you.
  • Quality movie. I liked it. Somewhere around B+, A- range, I’d say.

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