Room (2015)

  • So…it took a really long time for me to see this movie, because I read in multiple reviews of it that it would, without doubt, make the viewer feel extremely distressed and claustrophobic, and that those feelings might not leave for several weeks. This is the sort of film that I really have to psych myself up for – otherwise I will (internally) freak out while watching it and hate every second of it.

So, several months ago, I pretty much resigned myself to not watching ROOM while it was in theaters; I figured it’d be one that – several years from now – I might convince myself to watch, based on its enduring reputation for greatness.

  • And then…one of my coworkers saw it and told me, “Oh, you have to see it” and – partially because I trust his opinions on things like that, and partially because I am stubborn & couldn’t stand the thought of him seeing a quality movie that I hadn’t – so I went and watched it.
  • It was a tremendous movie, like I knew it would be. Expertly made, fantastically acted – no real surprises there. Brie Larson (“Ma”/Joy) & Jacob Tremblay (Jack) deserved every accolade they received.
  • One thing I really noticed & loved was how quiet the film was, except in a few parts where the music was used really exquisitely to correspond with great swells of emotion in the story. That was beautifully done.
  • Another thing that was handled pretty brilliantly was the footage following Jack’s escape. The camera work did an amazing job of conveying & translating Jack’s perspective – in both a physical and psychological sense.
  • I loved how there was a clear shot of Leonardo DiCaprio on Joy’s wall at one point in the second half. That’s a fabulous coincidence that people will no doubt be pointing out for years to come. Great work, set decorators.
  • Will I watch this movie again? No, probably not. Am I glad that I went & saw it for $5 today? Absolutely. Thanks, unnamed coworker. Couldn’t have done it without you.

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