Skylark (1941)

  • Love the design of the opening credits. Beautiful typography.
  • The gown that Lydia (Claudette Colbert) wears for that first dinner party is gorgeous. I wonder what color it was in real life.
  • So far, Jim Blake (Brian Aherne) is smarmy and I don’t like him. Maybe he will improve, though.
  • Oh, ew. He’s gone out with Mrs. Vantine (Binnie Barnes) in the past? On multiple occasions? My suspicions were correct – he’s a smarm.
  • “I’ve never asked any other woman on my boat.” — Jim Blake

A likely story, Jim. Also: what a lame-ass line.

  • “Remember, there will always be a boat, burning in my window for you.” — Jim, again.

??? That’s just stupid.

  • For the record, Ray Milland is a stud. He is rocking these suits.
  • Oh boy! The Kenyons have one of those charming half-doors!!! (You know, the ones that are split in half horizontally, so you can open the top portion separately from the bottom portion?) I love those! Why don’t they make them anymore? I want one.
  • Lydia: Do you know – I actually want to say something sweet to you.

Mrs. Vantine: Go ahead and say it.

Lydia: …Noooo. No, I’d better not. It might ruin everything. Goodbye – you tramp!

(Ha! I laughed out loud at that one.)

  • Sweet. Tony (Milland) just hauled off and punched Jim Blake (Aherne). I hope he stays knocked out forever.
  • Dang it. He’s back.
  • And now he & Lydia are actually a thing. Gag me.
  • Jim Blake changes the name of his boat depending on the name of the woman who’s in it with him. Ugh. He would.
  • The true definition of friendship:

(Tony tells George (Walter Abel) that Lydia’s sailing away with stupid Jim Blake.)

Tony: George, there’s no reason for you to drink

George: We lost, didn’t we?

  • Claudette Colbert nails the coffee-below-deck scene. Truly marvelous.
  • Cute ending. I mean…it was made in ’41, so I kind of knew it was coming – but I’m glad there were no last minute surprises thrown in there. Jim Blake got ditched, and that’s the most important thing.

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