Queen Christina (1933)

  • Ben Mankiewicz tells us that this movie was originally set to star Laurence Olivier, but Greta Garbo was able to convince the studio to fire him & hire John Gilbert as his replacement. This is awesome.
  • Lewis Stone in a non-adulterer/adulteree role? Wow!
  • Okay, so…I know we are supposed to suspend our disbelief in situations like this (“this” being Queen Christina dressing in drag to explore the wilderness & then hang out in a tavern) – but for real, we’re supposed to buy into the fact that none of these people A) recognize the Queen of Sweden, though her likeness is clearly on Swedish money or B) even recognize that she’s a woman? Garbo is wearing about 2 tons of eyeshadow & mascara, and also there’s the minor detail of her having boobs. I mean…come on!
  • Bit 0′ Wisdom: “It’s all a question of climate. You can’t serenade a woman in a snowstorm.” — Antonio (John Gilbert)
  • Whaaaaa! (First of all, I’m glad the gender secret was revealed that fast.) But second – they just shared a bed anyway?! What a scandal. I love it.
  • Gilbert/Garbo are definitely one of those magical screen couples. In the scenes between only the two of them, they are totally unaware of the camera. I mean – totally. With so many actors and actresses, you can tell that they’re aware of the camera(s) nearby, even if they’re fully in character and have really good chemistry. You can feel that they feel the camera watching. With Garbo & Gilbert – that simply isn’t there. And it’s incredible to take in.
  • Eva: The Lord Treasurer is waiting to see you.

Me: Eva, the Lord Treasurer can go fuck himself.

  • Oh, geez – mob movies are so frustrating.
  • But thank the lord for Lewis Stone, y’all. We can always rely on him to play the upstanding voice of reason. Bravo, Oxenstierna. Bravo.
  • NOOOOOOOO! Not Antonio! (Although – Garbo coulda beat goddamn Magnus (Ian Keith) in a duel, any day of the week – let’s be real.)
  • GREAT final shot.
  • Beautiful movie, though some of the dialogue was choppy. I’d watch it again, for the Garbo/Gilbert…and Garbo in her costumes.

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