The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek (1944)

  • So apparently this full movie is on YouTube? I feel like something’ll be wrong with it because of that. It makes me nervous and skeptical. But…I suppose we’ll give it a chance – especially since I never seem to come across this movie anywhere else.
  • The introductory scene is pure Preston Sturges. You see the text “Written and Directed by Preston Sturges” at the end of the opening credits…and then bam! You’re off to the races!
  • In Morgan’s Creek, they direct traffic with umbrellas?
  • HAHAHA!!! Trudy (Betty Hutton) lip-synching to the record of the deep-voiced male singer! I love everything about that scene.
  • Norval (Eddie Bracken), to Trudy: I don’t get to see you quite as much as I used to.

Me: Maybe because your name is ‘Norval’…?

  • Oh, Norval. “Cool as ice.” Oh, Norval.
  • As much as I like Trudy, it’s a pretty asshole move on her part to leave Norval like she did that night. But – Norval agreed to it…so let’s just blame him.
  • Ha! The swell of the music + “Oh, Trudy” + Ring close-up = Perfection.
  • Oh, Jesus. Marrying Norval. What a fright.
  • William Demarest (Papa Kockenlocker) can certainly fall like a champ.
  • “You’re married, Trudy?! THE SPOTS!!!”


  • “He was so sweet, honey – he said he loved me ever since I wasn’t any bigger than a fire hydrant, or something.” — Trudy
  • What movies are Trudy and Norval about to go see?

“A triple feature – The Bride Wore Purple, Road to Reno, and Are Husbands Necessary!” — Trudy


  • Picking a first name for Ratzywatzky – they propose and reject ‘Roscoe,’ ‘Hugo,’ & ‘Otis’…and land on ‘Ignatz.’ Oh, geez.
  • “As I always say – a childless home is like a homeless child!” — Mrs. Justice of the Peace (Almira Sessions)
  • So many great quotes.
  • “Lock the door, Mariah! This man is an ab-ductor!” — Mr. Justice of the Peace (Porter Hall)


  • Y’all – Norval is so goddamn annoying. Who is this actor and is he this annoying in other things? Jesus.
  • Newspaper Headlines:




CANADA PROTESTS: ‘Possible But Not Probable,’ Says Premier


  • Newspaper Man (Victor Potel): He – said – Ratzywatzky!

Governor McGinty (Brian Donlevy): He was trying to say “Jones” and stuttered!

  • Possibly the greatest way to end this movie anyone ever could have thought of:

THE SPOTS! and that title card.

“But Norval recovered and became increasingly happy for, as Shakespeare said: ‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.


  • Fucking fantastic.
  • To be honest, though – I’m a little disappointed we didn’t find out the real identity of ‘Ratzywatzky.’ I feel like there could have been a lot of comedy in that reveal. If this movie had been made today…it would beg for a sequel. And if Preston Sturges was around to write it – chances are it would have been pretty damn good.

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