Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day (2008)

  • It’s interesting how they put Amy Adams in the movie thumbnail on Netflix, even though Frances McDormand plays the title character. They’re banking on the fact that NetflixPeople will want to watch an Amy Adams movie more than they’ll want to watch a Frances McDormand movie. This feels like a trick.

(I would like to note that I am not being tricked. I know that Amy Adams is not Miss Pettigrew. Take that, Netflix.)

  • Yo, Miss Pettigrew. I know it’s embarrassing to drop a suitcase of your underthings & blah-colored dresses in front of a newly released convict, but like…that guy was a looker! You don’t know what crime he committed! Maybe he was arrested for being too nice! Running away from him was definitely a mistake.
  • “That won’t be necessary. I’m afraid that Mrs. Lafasse is dead.” — Miss Pettigrew (in a French accent)

  That’s a straight-up Antoine Doinel answer. Thanks, Truffaut.

  • I will – forever and always – think of Mark Strong as Archie (from ROCKNROLLA, 2008). Whenever I see his face, I immediately think “Archie!”, then hear Toby Kebbell say, “Don’t hurt me, Arch! I’m only little!” in my head. It’s a curse – but it’s a beautiful curse.
  • Moaning Myrtle (Shirley Henderson, whose character here is called Edythe) has such a unique voice. I wonder if she’s able to do anything in her daily life without being interrupted by people who recognize her instantly. I somehow doubt it.
  • Well, well, well…would you look at that! It’s such a small world – that handsome, newly released convict from earlier has just waltzed his way back into our lives! (Apparently his name is Michael, which makes this the third consecutive movie I’ve watched with a character named Michael. First there was Laurence Olivier’s dolt of a character in FIRE OVER ENGLAND, then there was the Morrisons’ dog in STELLA DALLAS, and now…this. Interesting.)
  • SEE!!! SEE! He was arrested for being too nice!!! He was trying to procure a higher quality ring for the girl he wholeheartedly loves! I am a champion, you guys.
  • (Halfway through the movie, & I’m pretty sure I’ve already worked out where these characters will end the movie, story-wise. We’ll see, though.)
  • I wonder if they found the actress to play Charlotte before they decided she would also be referred to as “The Rabbit”…or if they cast Christina Cole and then decided what her nickname would be?
  • Yep, so – everything worked out as I thought it would. Delysia decides she doesn’t want the Pepper part because she has Michael, Phil doesn’t give a shit whether he’s making out with Delysia or The Rabbit, so he’s fine – and Miss Pettigrew winds up with Joe, so her unemployment due to the departure of Delysia & Michael doesn’t matter. Tidy. I like it.
  • One last thing: at first, Amy Adams’s voice bothered me in this, because there was something off/inconsistent in the way she spoke, for an alleged glamor girl actress of the 1930s. But since she’s really Sarah Grub – this makes sense. I thought that Amy Adams would be better at dialect than what her first several scenes demonstrated…and I wasn’t wrong. Way to go, Amy Adams. You’re a smart cookie.

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