The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her (2013)

  • Already I feel like watching them in this order was the right call. (I’m 3 or 4 scenes in.) It’s like a puzzle, where all the missing pieces fall into place at exactly the right moment!
  • Oh, goody! William Hurt! I’ve always liked him. (Side note: William Hurt as a professor/father to a grown-up daughter…ONE TRUE THING (1998), anyone?!)
  • Oh, double goody! This one has more Viola Davis! We win!
  • The colors of this one are orange & black. They’re pretty, but I love the blue & yellow more. (Van Gogh bias.)
  • In “Him”, James McAvoy kept getting physical scrapes & bruises…maybe Eleanor keeps getting the bruises & scrapes, too – they’re just more psychological?
  • I fucking love Viola Davis.
  • Other things that tie these characters’ individual stories together:

– Physical altercations with the people closest to them.

– Conor releasing Ralph / Eleanor releasing the firefly.

– The way they question their fathers’ “poetic” life advice.

– Conor repeatedly turns music off; Eleanor repeatedly tells people to shut up.

  • I like the “Him” versions of the driving scene and the packing-up-the-apartment scene better. They flow a little more nicely, or something.
  • I wonder if I like the “Him” film better – as a whole – if that says something about the way I process situations & the way I emotionally perceive things. Like…maybe I identify with the Conor character & the way his personality was written/created more than I do the Eleanor character. Hm. Interesting stuff.
  • I highly, highly recommend these movies. They are really, really great, and I will definitely be looking out for what Ned Benson does in the future.

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