The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him (2013)

  • Okay – I’m watching “Him” first, because the internet told me to. I kind of wonder if people actually think it should go first, or if a couple people said it, then a lot of people followed suit & agreed, just because it’s the one they saw first, and therefore couldn’t easily picture the reverse. But whatever. We’ll see.
  • I really like the color palette this movie uses – the colors are muted, but also vibrant. (And no, I don’t expect that to make sense to anyone but me.)
  • Love how subtly the Revolver album cover poster is pictured within the beginning scenes inside their apartment. No heavy-handedness, no blatancy – it’s just there, quietly snoozing on the wall.
  • Already I love how natural Bill Hader (Stuart) is in this.
  • Also, I wouldn’t expect anything less from him – but James McAvoy’s American accent is really impressive. You don’t doubt it for a second.
  • Conor (McAvoy)’s fish is named Ralph.
  • Bit o’ Wisdom: “You shouldn’t be interested in regretting things.” — Spencer Ludlow (Ciarán Hinds)
  • Viola!!! She’s Eleanor’s professor, only they barely even show her! I love Viola!!!
  • Blues and yellows. Those are the vibrant colors – everything else is muted. That’s what’s making this film so lovely.
  • When they go off driving, I love the part when Eleanor holds out a Twizzler, and Conor positions his hand as if to grab it, and she holds it there for a second, unmoving, then shifts it to meet his hand. Small detail – but a beautiful detail.
  • I love the relationship between Conor and his father. Not in an “I want one of those” way – but in the sense that the actors (and Ned Benson, who wrote & directed this) establish such complexity in it, in such a short amount of time. It’s pretty incredible.
  • The scene where Conor goes to pack up the apartment, and reaches the point when he has to start gathering up the baby things – James McAvoy plays that pause to perfection. And then the camera pans out, while he keeps grabbing & picking up more things (like the unopened box of diapers)…and the camera continues to pan out, as though to give him space while he does this. That concept is really freaking beautiful, you guys.
  • And…the scene that follows that one. I don’t think I have the words to describe it effectively. Masterful? Heartbreaking? Wow.
  • This movie is expertly made in every way. I adored it. I loved the way the music was handled in it, I obviously loved the colors & the way it was shot, visually – I loved the actors, I loved the way it was written & organized…I loved it all! And – and! The ending. I loved the ending, too. The choice of music, the choice of framing, the ambiguity & yet certainty of how the story ends – so great. I can’t wait to watch the second one.

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