Frances Ha (2012)

  • Once upon a time, I read a snippet about this movie and thought, “That sounds like it could be good.” Then the movie actually came out & I read a review, and recall it having the reverse effect on me. NOW IS THE DECIDING TIME. We’ll see how this goes.
  • You can tell Greta Gerwig (who plays Frances) is reciting lines. Some of the exchanges between characters are done as though the lines are a checklist the actors are reciting, rather than genuinely feeling the things they are saying. I find this annoying.
  • Mamie Gummer! I didn’t know she was in this!
  • “I kind of have a crush on this boy, but his name is Georgy, so…I don’t really know how far it’s gonna go.” — Frances

Can’t argue with that.

  • But: Frances & I could definitely never be friends. That’s a fact. She’s too much of a faker.
  • Why is this in black & white? Just to be different?
  • Decision: This was okay, but not great. I feel like Noah Baumbach (the writer & director) (and, it should probably be noted, real-life lover of Gerwig) may have thought he had a lot of clever & unique things in here, but actually didn’t. From my perspective, there wasn’t much of substance or of note – as is evidenced by what is sure to be my shortest blog post ever.
  • Sorry, guys – that’s all I got.

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