The Marrying Kind (1952)

  • TCM (guest host Madeleine Stowe – oh hey, Victoria!) tells us that this re-team-up of Garson Kanin, Ruth Gordon, George Cukor, & Judy Holliday came to fruition because of the immense success of BORN YESTERDAY (1950). Makes sense.
  • Do not like voiceover.
  • do like Aldo Ray’s scratchy voice, though.
  • “Why do we have to blow our noses? A dog never does!” — Chet Keefer (Aldo Ray)

Wise words, Chet. Wise words.

  • Chet just brushed his teeth, then went to the kitchen for a beer? I’m with you, Florence – “Ew.”
  • Aldo Ray kinda looks like Jude Law. Or maybe Jude Law mixed with…Neil Patrick Harris?
  • If I had a husband & he got drunk & danced with “the big slinky one” at a party like Chet did – I’d be pissed, too. You deserve some attitude, Aldo – that was a dumb move.
  • Weird post office dream sequence (conveyor belts, ball bearings, the President of the United States, a Judy Holliday firing squad). Very well executed, as far as dream sequences go.
  • Ball bearing shoes? Who the fuck needs ball bearing shoes? What the shit kind of “brilliant idea” are ball bearing shoes?!
  • (Don’t cry, kids – you don’t want to be known as the inventors of ball bearing shoes for the rest of your lives. Leave that to Kip Good – he looks like a tool.)
  • Aw, poor them – $2600 down the drain, for not being able to identify the Washington Post March. (I sure as hell couldn’t tell you what the Washington Post March sounded like, though, so – I can’t say I blame them.)
  • Holliday & Ray do a great job at playing the various stages of their marriage – there’s a noticeable difference between their courthouse dynamic & their introductory dynamic (and they nail the stuff in between, too).
  • I think Judy Holliday’s a touch better than Aldo Ray at the post-lake-incident scenes. She shows more of an emotional arc (though – now that I’m thinking about it – this could partially be attributed to the characters they’re playing).
  • I really like the Judge Carroll character. She’s like…a relationship fairy godmother. Nice work, Madge Kennedy.
  •  Film post script:

“You have just seen our new personality ALDO RAY. Please watch for his next picture.”


How awkward.

  • (Ha! Madeleine Stowe thought it was awkward, too – she led with that in her post-film remarks. Fantastic.)
  • Pretty great movie. Not really laugh-out-loud funny, but there are definitely a lot of lighthearted, cute moments mixed into all of the drama. Super well-written movie – though, let’s be real – that’s pretty much a given with the Gordon/Kanin combo.
  • I’m glad this was filmed in black & white – the color would have ruined the tone of the movie in parts – especially that last scene between Ray/Holliday in the empty courtroom. That scene definitely needed to be in black & white.
  • I wonder if Ned Benson saw this before making THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ELEANOR RIGBY (2013)?

Food for thought.



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