Smart Woman (1931)

  • Unlike CARNIVAL BOAT (1932), this movie actually starts on a boat.
  • Gregory La Cava + Mary Astor = Promising combination.
  • Mary Astor is gorgeous in her smile & her sassy little hat. I love her.
  • “Oh, I can’t see him!” weeps Nancy (Astor).

Get your shit together, woman! You can see him! And you can kick him in the pants when you do!

  • “Haven’t Bill and Sally told you?” — Don (Robert Ames)

What a cad! Tell her yourself, you asshole!

  • Oh ho! Astor’s awake now! Dumbass Don is no match for her, I can tell already.
  • love how the film cuts between the tires of the Prestons’ car and Nancy in her bedroom, with the loud sound of the tires backing both. That’s fantastic editing.
  • Edward Everett Horton (Bill) & Ruth Weston (Sally) are great in this. They play off of each other phenomenally.
  • “Oh, excuse me – I’ve been roughing it in the garden,” says Astor, as she comes in the door in a sparkly clean white dress, pointing pruning shears right at goddamn Peggy (Dumbass Don’s mistress). Hilarious!
  • Astor is sensational in the living room gathering scene. And I suspect La Cava had something to do with her playing around on the piano for part of it – that was perfect.
  • Mrs. Preston (Gladys Gale) would be into Edward Everett Horton. *Eye roll.*
  • “GoodBYE, Beloved……for a little while!” — Sir Guy Harrington (John Halliday)


  • Astor, honey – give him up! Dumbass Don isn’t good enough for any woman – let alone you!
  • Peggy (Noel Francis) is a sassy little thing, isn’t she? If it weren’t for Astor, I’d kind of like her – tryin’ to snag herself a baron, and all that.
  • Astor’s black dinner dress? The way it’s cut in the back? I have a hard time believing Dumbass Don would willingly walk away from that at the end of the evening. Good lord.
  • “All women are vampires.” — Sir Guy

Amen, Harrington. Amen.

  • “You can’t ever lose a man who really loves you, and you can’t hold one who doesn’t.” — Sir Guy (again).
  • I really enjoyed this one! It was unexpectedly laugh-out-loud funny in multiple parts. Plus, Astor is a beast and I will never tire of watching her in anything.


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