Frida (2002)

  • I have to be honest – I couldn’t watch the bus scene. As soon as the driver started swerving around the trolley, I just looked away until it was quiet. Sorry. Can’t handle impalings, especially when I know they’re coming.
  • It’s so funny how Frida’s father is Lord John Marbury from The West Wing (I mean – also the actor Roger Rees). But most importantly – Lord John Marbury from The West Wing!
  • Antoniooooo!
  • I like the color palette  of this movie – very vivid, like Kahlo’s paintings. (Edit: And I love how that palette shifts to more muted tones when the setting shifts to New York. Fantastically executed idea.)
  • I love when Frida (Salma Hayek) dumps Lupe (Valeria Golino)’s food in the trash & then storms upstairs to give her a piece of her mind. That reminds me of something I would do. Ha.
  • “Diego has never belonged to anybody. He belongs only to himself. And that, of course, is what makes him so desirable. He’s the best of friends, and the worst of husbands. Diego will never be anyone’s husband. Not really.” — Lupe
  • They did a great job with the incorporation of still paintings & still works of art that morph & interact with the moving footage of the film. It really gives you a sense of the mediums that both of these artists worked in. Bravo!
  • Frida was a fucking badass, y’all. (I mean – I was already aware of this…but in case anyone else out there isn’t – it needs to be said.)
  • Edward G. Robinson was a Kahlo fan?! Ha! That’s awesome.
  • You know what’s fun? Geoffrey Rush as Leon Trotsky.
  • You know what’s weird as hell? Trotsky + Kahlo. Wtf, man.
  • After this was over, I looked up the director, Julie Taymor, because I saw her name in the opening credits & it sounded familiar. She’s the one who did the Broadway Lion King & ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (2007) (…also ‘Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark’ – but we won’t talk about that). The style of this movie makes so much sense now!
  • Also – yes, of course Salma Hayek was great in this. Everyone knew that already, though.

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