The Hunt for Red October (1990)

  • So far, I am decently perplexed by what is happening. I don’t mean plot-wise, necessarily, because nothing at all has happened yet in that regard – but what’s with the opening? Techy computer writing bleeps across the screen, followed by an icy-looking scene that is semi-interrupted by choral singing in the “background” that is loud as hell & (debatably) creepy. Then the title of the movie comes up in red Russian letters & the credits begin. The fonts do not match the techy computer writing, nor does the illustration style of the drawings (featured behind the beginning of the credits) match the style used in the very first bleepy scene.
  • (Sorry for the long-ass bullet point, but like I said…it’s stylistically perplexing.)
  • I think maybe it’s the music that’s throwing me off? The loud choral music – to me –  is jarring and doesn’t belong.
  • Young Alec Baldwin sighting!!!
  • I did NOT see that violent move from Connery coming. Yikes. Now I don’t know what’s happening, plot-wise.
  • I wish I was watching this on a big screen, instead of a small one.
  • I am still annoyed by the lime green, bleepy tech writing that keeps popping up to announce scene settings. Plain white text fading in & out without making any noise would have done just as well. Probably better. Cough.
  • Captain Connery now has both missile keys. His crew is like, “Uh, but…” and he’s like “NO!!! I get them both, THE END.”
  • Connery’s voice as Captain Ramius sounds an awful lot like Davy Jones’s voice in the second & third POTC movies. (I don’t know the significance of this, but…just saying.)
  • Why would it being the anniversary of the death of Captain Connery’s wife signify that he’s defecting? This does not make as much sense to me as it does to Alec Baldwin (whose character’s name is Jack Ryan, by the way).
  • Captain Connery is literally the only one whose brain wavelength is anywhere close to his own. Seriously – any time he makes a statement with any sort of opinion or decision attached to it, there are 1000 faces that go, “What the fuck is this man on???” and zero faces that say “Oh – great idea, dude!”
  • So far Connery’s character is not relatable at all. I am finding zero emotional connection to him (but maybe that’s the point?).
  • Who is playing the Secretary of State (?)? His line delivery is not so hot. (Edit: That is Richard Jordan. And he was not great in this.)
  • Why does Alec Baldwin need to be on the Dallas? What is he gonna do once he’s there? Swim over to the Red October & be like, “Hey S. Conn – are you defecting? I think you’re defecting. Okay, bye!”? (Edit: Yes. That is precisely what he’s gonna do.)
  • The Russian-to-English transition was a clever one.
  • There’s not a single dull patch in this movie – they keep each segment at a digestible length, then move on (and connect it) to the next.
  • No Montana for Captain Borodin (Sam Neill). Sad face.
  • Every time they say “Tupolev” (as in the Captain played by Stellan Skarsgård), I want them to flash over to the submarine & Skarsgård, and there be Van Morrison’s “Tupelo Honey” playing on repeat.
  • The shots of the Joneses (Jeffrey & James Earl) are hilarious to me. Ed Rooney & Terrence Mann – together at last!
  • “Come on Big D – fly!” is a really stupid line. I mean, Jesus, that’s bad.
  • This is for sure going on my Manliest Movies list (with films like THE GODFATHER (1972), ROCKY (1976), and THE WILD BUNCH (1969)). Why, do you ask? Well, for starters – its only speaking roles for women take place around the time of the opening credits…then there’s pretty much only one other woman who appears in the film (a flight attendant who arrives on screen within the last minute of the movie & does not speak). Woohoo! It’s also a very non-sappy movie, and I think all of the guys I know who pride themselves on being men (you know the type) would enjoy the cold, to-the-point handling of the story line. Thus – it’s officially added to the list.
  • Anyway…in conclusion: it’s a solid movie, and I’d probably watch it again.
  • Oh, and PS: I really liked the characters of Bart Mancuso (Scott Glenn, of SILVERADO (1985) fame) and Seaman Jones (Courtney B. Vance). Those guys were awesome.

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