Prince Avalanche (2013)

  • This is a very quiet movie. I like that.
  • So…this takes place in 1988 after a massive wildfire in Central Texas – filmed in real-life fire aftermath following the 2011 Bastrop (Texas) fire. Convenient.
  • Alvin (Paul Rudd) has a job re-yellow-striping the burned country roads, and has recruited his girlfriend’s brother Lance (Emile Hirsch) to help him with this task.
  • Ha! Cassette tapes.
  • The old lady pilot scene (in which an elderly woman in a bright red hat digs through the charred rubble of her house, hoping to find the remains of her pilot’s license & logbook) is great. She (Joyce Payne) is adorable, and it makes me teary.
  • Ohhh, no! Skinned squirrel in a frying pan alert! Could’ve done without that shot, you guys.
  • Lance shows back up in the woods after his weekend off “in the city” wearing a white lab coat (he is neither a scientist nor a doctor) and a red shirt featuring Elissa the Boat. (Ship.) (Whatever.)

But…!!! Ha! How great is that? (Probably greater to me than to anyone else…but, you know, whatever.)

  • He also “splurged” on a $38 watch that has a timer & is waterproof “up to 50 meters.” Ha. Oh, the technology!
  • Aw, poor Lance. Maggie Johnston is still “sort of” with Kip. Don’t worry, Lancey! The guy’s name is name is Kip. He won’t last – trust me. Guys named Kip never do.
  • Did I mention that they (Lance & Alvin) are wearing overalls? Because that’s what their uniform is. Overalls. Bright blue overalls. Baha!
  • I wish the soundtrack to this was better. All the music sounds like super generic filler music – completely instrumental, and very boring. It’s the type of music that’d fit in the background of any & every low-budget indie film you can imagine. (Don’t get me wrong – some low-budget indie films have outstanding music – but you’ll just have to trust me…the stuff playing in this one blows.)
  • Aaaaaaaaaaahh – oh my God. Crushed turtle. Crushed, road-killed turtle, being feasted on by a skunk. Aaauggghhhh. No.
  • HA! The vodka-beer truck driver (played by Lance LeGault) just came to chat with Lance, and just swatted Lance’s boombox off the adjacent stump so he could sit down. Like…literally swatted it onto the ground. It was glorious.
  • Bit o’ Wisdom:

“Let me give you a little advice: never sleep with the same woman more than three times in a row, no matter how good it is. Otherwise – you start to develop…feelings.” — Truck Driver


  • Aw. Poor Alvin got dumped by Lance’s sister. Boohoo. (But it’s probably for the best – he seemed way too invested.)
  • “Did you open my manila envelope?!” — Alvin, having a meltdown.
  • Emile Hirsch is rocking it in this movie. As is Paul Rudd. Nice work, you guys.
  • Madison (the sister) dumped Alvin for a half-Italian, half-Native American chiropractor named BB. That’s rough, man.
  • Hahaha. The scene where they’re drinking the truck driver’s vodka out of collapsible plastic cups & singing a made up song…then start painting squiggly yellow lines all over the road? Fucking fantastic.
  • The Adventures of Alvin and Lance. Alvalance. Avalanche. Heh. Clever, writers. Clever.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this one, y’all. Not an exceptional movie – but a pretty damn good one.
  • Minus the soundtrack, of course.

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