Burn Burn Burn (2015)

  • Would like to start off by noting that this movie was made ONE HUNDRED AND ONE years after the last movie I watched. How fucking crazy is that?!

That shit blows my mind. But I will get over it and carry on with this post.


Maybe…101 years from now.


(Okay, but for real – I’m moving on.)

  • Super interesting premise for a movie – these two best friends have a third best friend who is dying of cancer, but doesn’t tell anyone. Instead, he leaves them some videos to watch after he’s gone, which include instructions on where to scatter his ashes. Intriguing. I like it.
  • Alex (Chloe Pirrie) was working at an ad firm, working on a campaign about yogurt when this happens; Seph (Laura Carmichael) was working as a nanny for a tightly wound video-psychologist of some sort. Both quit and/or are fired so they can go on this week-long road trip to fulfill Dan (Jack Farthing)’s final wishes.
  • Seph (who’s really an unemployed actress by trade, not a nanny) does things like say yes when random strangers riding bicycles filled with vegetables ask if she wants to come with them to a party in a barn, where all the attendees are wearing fur coats, antlers, or both. I know people like that (Seph, not the antler wearers), and they concern me.
  • Julian Rhind-Tutt as Adam is pretty funny…”He has the charisma of a benign Charles Manson.” (– Seph)
  • Hahaha! Seph chases off a threesome of hecklers in a drug store by screaming wildly and waving “helicopter arms” while running at them. Fantastic scene resolution.
  • All of these supporting characters are great. First Adam, then Alex’s mom (Melanie Walters), then the Airbnb host (Matthew Kelly? I’m not exactly sure). Ha! All spectacular.
  • Alison Steadman as Diana (the hitchhiker runaway mom) is great, too. Glad she came along.
  • “Try not to fuck it up. But don’t worry if you do.” — Dan

Sound life advice. Truly.

  • I liked this movie a lot. Simple, original, heartfelt, and with solid acting performances by Pirrie, Carmichael & Farthing.
  • I feel like each character’s storyline could have been deepened & fleshed out a bit more – it seemed like they were just scratching the surface of something way richer & more complex…especially when it comes to the parts about Amy (Alex’s sister), Dan’s relationship with his stepfather Henry, and Seph’s relationship with James.
  • I also wonder if the story could have delved a little deeper if they’d kept one of the side-companions around for longer – like, one of their happenstance acquaintances stays for the whole story, rather than trading out the token extra every 10 minutes. Like I mentioned earlier, I enjoyed each of those side characters – but they were all gone in a heartbeat.

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