So Goes My Love (1946)

There’s some over-the-top lettering going on in the opening credits. Some of the scripts are kind of nice – but in conjunction with Mesquite (or whatever similar font it is) – it’s all a bit much, stylistically. Oh…this movie is set in 1867? “Boston Post Road In the year 1867″ Hm. I had no idea! […]

Gabriel Over The White House (1933)

I’m sure everyone wants to hear more about the White House these days, huh? Directed by Gregory LaCava. In this world, Walter Huston (Judson Hammond) has just been elected president. Dickie Moore plays Jim, the president’s nephew. (Jim doesn’t want to be a soldier when he grows up – he wants to be gangster!) We also […]

That Certain Woman (1937)

Written & directed by Edmund Goulding. Grandiose music written by our omnipresent friend Max Steiner. Bette Davis is Mary, whose gangster husband Al Haines died in “The Valentine Massacre” four years earlier. Now Mary is the secretary for a “swank downtown lawyer” – Lloyd Rogers, played by Ian Hunter. Hugh O’Connell plays a reporter wanting […]

Too Hot To Handle (1938)

Introductory Acknowledgment: “We wish to thank Her Majesty’s Governor of Netherlands Guiana for permitting our expedition to enter the jungles of the Tottiekampu country. Our thanks also to Chief Moi of the Matawais Tribe for allowing us to record, for the first time, the sights & sounds of the Diuka Fire-Dance ritual.” (Exciting!) So. A […]

Funny Face (1957)

The opening credits are so designy & artsy! How gorgeous. (At the end of them reads: “Special visual consultant and Main Title Backgrounds…Richard Avedon.” So…that pretty much explains that.) Costumes in this are by Edith Head…and of course Audrey Hepburn’s “Paris wardrobe” is provided by Givenchy. Directed by Stanley Donen. To begin, Ms. Prescott (Kay Thompson) […]

Make Me A Star (1932)

Merton (Stuart Erwin) is a grocery delivery boy – and he’s pretty much the worst at it, ever. He secretly dreams of becoming an actor, & screwball townsperson Tessie (Helen Jerome Eddy) wholeheartedly believes in this dream of his, extremely inexplicably. One day, Mr. Gashwiler (Merton’s grocery store boss and landlord, played by Charles Sellon) discovers […]

The Major and the Minor (1942)

First film directed by Billy Wilder (he’d been writing for movies, previously – but this is the first one he was allowed to direct himself). Co-written by Charles Brackett. Produced by…Arthur Hornblow, Jr.!!! (Aka – Myrna Loy’s ex-husband!) Once upon a time, Ginger Rogers wants to leave New York (and the 25 jobs she’s held […]