The Truman Show (1998)

  • This is weeeeeiiiird already. The credits are for the fictional Truman Show TV show, and not the movie I am currently watching. My brain doesn’t know what to do with this, and I’m worried it won’t know what to do with the rest of the movie, either.
  • Baha! It’s Joel McKinnon Miller (Scully from Brooklyn Nine-Nine) playing a cop!
  • Oooo. Truman (Jim Carrey)’s father is a hobo (maybe)! Things are getting juicy!
  • Laura Linney is PERFECT in this part (Meryl Burbank (Truman’s wife)/Hannah Gill (the actress playing her)).
  • Truman doesn’t notice that there’s this recurring pattern of people being physically escorted out of his life? Like…he watches it happen, & it doesn’t register that something about that is a little off?
  • Sylvia (aka FakeLauren, played by Natascha McElhone) planted the seed! Way to go, Sylvia. Now he doubts!
  • Ha! I love the poster in the travel agency of a bolt of lightning striking a plane, accompanied by the words “IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!”

All in the details, folks. Set-within-a-set decoration, at its finest.

  • Text on all the license plates: “Seahaven: A Nice Place to Live.” Ha. Love it.
  • Oh my God! They just drove through fire! Truman is maybe a little too motivated to see the world outside of Seahaven.
  • Paul Giamatti and Ed Harris WOULD be running this show. *Eye roll.*
  • WHAT?! The father has returned? (I guess so Truman will abandon his Fiji dreams, temporarily?)
  • So…I understand the need to explain the logistics of The Truman Show to the audience in the form of the interview with Ed Harris – but from a movie perspective, it really breaks up the flow & the artfulness of it. That particular portion feels very out of place – and I understand that for what it is, it has to – but still…tonally, I wish it wasn’t there.
  • Love the brief pencil sharpener camera angle, which visually spins us around, but also fits into what’s happening in Truman’s world.
  • When Truman crashes into the skywall? That’s trippy as fuck.
  • But the rest of the ending is phenomenal. Good call, there.
  • Jim Carrey is pretty great in this the whole way through. There were parts where I wished he was acting a little less like Jim Carrey…but I think including those moments were probably important in creating some sort of familiarity with the character. Unlike the TV show’s audience, we haven’t known Truman his/our entire lives…so I imagine allowing the character to share certain familiar behavioral traits with a beloved actor from OUR world contributes quite a bit to the emotional resonance of the film.

(Hopefully that makes sense.)

  • Super interesting concept for a movie. I’m glad I finally watched it.

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